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riboflavin scientific name:vitamin b2,riboflavin what does it do:Riboflavin is also called vitamin b2. It is a water-soluble vitamin that can participate in the body’s metabolism, thereby promoting growth and cell regeneration. It has the effect of preventing and eliminating inflammation in the oral cavity. In addition, it can also improve vision and reduce eyes. Department of fatigue.

will riboflavin lower blood pressure:

Scientific experiments and studies have shown that vitamin B2 has a significant inhibitory effect on pathological factors related to hypertension patients.

1. Derivatives of Vitamin B2

To treat hypertension and complications, the substance is not used directly, but its derivatives are used.

Vitamin B2 derivatives FMI (7, 8_dimethyl_10_formyl_methylisoxazine), HEI[7,8_dimethyl_10 (2′_hydroxyethyl)isoxazine] And CBI [7, 8_Dimethyl_10 (3-chlorophenyl) isoxazine], both can be antihypertensive.

2. Dosage

The dose of 1.6 mg FMI and 3.0 mg HEI (twice a week for 9 weeks) will reduce the systolic blood pressure of inflammatory hypertension induced by deoxycorticosterone acetate. If the dose of CBI is 0.5 mg/ 100 g Body weight (2 times a week for 7 weeks) can reduce spontaneous hypertension.