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citric acid monohydrate vs anhydrous for cleaning cheapest Manufacturer Customization upon request

citric acid monohydrate vs anhydrous for cleaning

Name Citric Acid Anhydrous/citric acid monohydrate
CAS No. 77-92-9/5949-29-1
Specification BP 98 / USP 24
Functional use Acidity regulator

Usage of citric acid:

Because citric acid has a mild and sour acidity, it is commonly used in the manufacture of various beverages, sodas, wines, candies, snacks, biscuits, canned juices, dairy products and the like. In the market of all organic acids, the citric acid market share is more than 70%, and there is currently no acidifier that can replace citric acid. One molecule of crystalline water citric acid is mainly used as an acidic flavoring agent for refreshing beverages, fruit juices, jams, fruit sugars and canned foods, and also as an antioxidant for edible oils. At the same time improve the sensory traits of food, enhance appetite and promote the digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphorus substances in the body. Anhydrous citric acid is used in large quantities in solid beverages Salts of citric acid such as calcium citrate and ferric citrate are fortifiers that require the addition of calcium and iron ions in certain foods. Esters of citric acid, such as triethyl citrate, can be used as a non-toxic plasticizer to make plastic film for food packaging. It is a sour agent in the beverage and food industry, and a preservative.