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glycine essential or nonessential glycine dosage for anti aging Manufacturer supply Customization

glycine essential or nonessential glycine dosage for anti aging:Used as a biochemical reagent, used in medicine, feed and food additives, and used as a non-toxic decarbonizer in the nitrogen fertilizer industry;
Nutritional supplements. Mainly used for seasoning, etc.;
It has a certain inhibitory effect on the reproduction of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli. Therefore, it can be used as a preservative for surimi products, peanut butter, etc., with an addition amount of 1% to 2%;
Antioxidant effect (using its metal chelation) added to cream, cheese, and margarine can prolong the shelf life by 3 to 4 times;
In order to stabilize the lard in the baked goods, 2.5% glucose and 0.5% glycine can be added;
Add 0.1% to 0.5% of wheat flour for instant noodles, and it can also serve as a seasoning effect;
It can buffer the taste of salt and vinegar. The addition amount is 0.3%~0.7% for salted products and 0.05%~0.5% for pickled products;
According to my country’s GB 2760-96, it can be used as a spice.

Used as a medicine for medical microbiology and biochemical amino acid metabolism research;
Used as chlortetracycline buffer \ anti-Parkinson’s disease drug L-dopa\ vitamin B6\ and the synthetic raw material of amino acids such as threonine;
Treatment of myasthenia gravis and progressive muscle atrophy;
Treatment of hyperesteremia and chronic enteritis (usually combined with antacids);
Combined use with aspirin can reduce its irritation to the stomach;
Treatment of hyperprolineemia in children;
As a nitrogen source for generating non-essential amino acids, it is added to the mixed amino acid injection.


It is mainly used as an additive and attractant to increase amino acids in feeds for poultry, livestock and poultry, especially pets. Used as a hydrolyzed protein additive, as a synergist of hydrolyzed protein;
In pesticide production, it is used to synthesize pyrethroid insecticide intermediate glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride, and it can also synthesize fungicide iprodione and herbicide solid glyphosate.

Electroplating bath additives;
Used in the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical tests and organic synthesis;
Used as the raw material of cephalosporins, thiamphenicol intermediates, synthetic imidazole acetic acid intermediates, etc.;
Used as a raw material for cosmetics.

Used in peptide synthesis, used as amino acid protection monomer;
Used for the preparation of tissue culture medium and the inspection of copper, gold and silver;
Because glycine is a zwitterion with amino and carboxyl groups, it has strong buffering properties and is often used as a buffer for preparation;
Complexometric titration indicator, solvent.