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cheapest full spectrum cbd oil cbd oil cannabidiol for pain Custom-Made

[General Name]Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

[CBD Content]50%,60%,70%

[Character]Brown paste or oil. It is almost insoluble in water or 10% sodium hydroxide solution, but can dissolve in ethanol, methanol, diethyl ether, benzene, chloroform and petroleum ether.
[Source]Extract from plant.
[Production Environment]Produce in workshops complied with the requirements of GMP

[Product Use]Cannabidiol is the main non-psychoactive substance in industrial hemp. It has medical effects of relieving convulsion, anti-inflammation, anxiety, pain, Parkinson’s disease and vomiting and has showed remarkable effects in anti-depression, anti-epilepsy, anti-cancer, analgesic, sedation. It can be used in medicine, health care products, food and daily chemical products, etc. as active ingredients.

[Quality Standard]Formulate and implement the quality standard of the product purity, impurity limit, heavy metals limit, pesticide residues, solvent residue and hygiene, etc. according to the requirements of the CP, JP, USP, EP and ICH.
[Packing Specification]1kg,3kg,5kg.
[Storage]Keep away from sunlight, sealed in dry place.
Model Number:50%-70%
[Shelf Life]24 months.

cheapest full spectrum cbd oil cbd oil cannabidiol for painCustom-Made