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Pharmaceutical intermediate phenolphthalein pka Ex-factory price

Phenolphthalein pka refers to an organic compound with a molecular formula of C20H14O4, which is a crystalline powder and is almost insoluble in water. Its characteristic is that it is colorless in acidic and neutral solutions, and purple-red in alkaline solutions.Appearance white to light yellow crystalline powder

Uses of phenolphthalein:
(1) Pharmaceutical raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry: medicinal laxatives, which can stimulate the intestinal wall, cause intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation. Suitable for habitual stubborn constipation, with various dosage forms such as tablets and suppositories;
(2) For organic synthesis: mainly used for the synthesis of plastics, especially for the synthesis of phthalazinone polyaryl ether ketone polyaryl ether ketone polymers, which have excellent heat resistance, water resistance and resistance Chemical corrosion, heat aging resistance and good processing and formability. Many fibers, coatings and composite materials made from them are widely used in electronic appliances, transportation, aerospace, atomic energy engineering and military fields;
(3) It is used as an alkali indicator and reagent for chromatography.