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which glutathione supplement is best ? Reduced glutathione Affordable

Reduced glutathione is an antioxidant. Its main functions are as follows:
First, it is effective for various liver diseases, especially drug poisoning caused by chemotherapeutic drugs and anti-tuberculosis drugs, and alcoholic liver disease. At the same time, for hepatitis B caused by various reasons. Hepatitis C inflammation also has a certain effect, helping the recovery of liver function and the repair of liver cells.

The second is used for the rescue of heavy metal poisoning in organic solvents, and it also has certain help. It is an antidote.

The third prevention and treatment of bone marrow tissue inflammation, especially the prevention and treatment of osteomyelitis caused by radiation-induced leukopenia.

Fourth, sweat spots caused by various pigmentation also have a certain therapeutic effect on senile cataracts, corneal ulcers, and keratitis.

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