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steroid hormones vs amino acid hormones l-threonine benefits on skin Factory direct sales

Steroid hormones, also known as steroid hormones, are a class of tetracyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds with cyclopentane polyhydrophenanthrene core. Has extremely important medical value. It has a clear role in maintaining life, regulating sexual functions, and having a clear effect on body development, immune regulation, skin disease treatment and birth control

Amino acids are important substances that constitute the brain and have a high amino acid content. The content of amino acids in the brain determines the level of intelligence and memory. The key to replenishing the brain and improving memory is to replenish amino acid nutrition. In addition, amino acids can eliminate fatigue, maintain energy, and improve sub-health. Tryptophan can relieve stress, avoid depression, anxiety, etc., stabilize mood and maintain strong energy ,l-threonine benefits on skin:In medicine, the structure of threonine contains hydroxyl, which has a water-holding effect on human skin, combines with oligosaccharide chains, has an important role in protecting cell membranes, and promotes phospholipid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation in the body.