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Antibiotic drugs Metronidazole CAS 443-48-1

Metronidazole CAS 443-48-1

Port: Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity: 1000kg/Year
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal,
Powder: Yes
Certification: GMP, ISO 9001, USP, BP
State: Solid
Purity: >99%



Metronidazole is a nitroimidazole antibiotic, also known as metronidazol and novonidazol. It was initially used to treat vaginal trichomaniasis, with very significant clinical effects. It is broadly used to prevent and treat oral anaerobic infections. In hospitals, it has been used frequently to prevent and treat respiratory, gastrointestinal, peritoneal, pelvic, skin, soft tissue, joint, and brain infections, cardiomyitis, and septicemia caused by anaerobic bacteria. The effectiveness of Metronidazole towards treating body tissue and intestinal amoebiasis is significant, and it the preferred drug to treat parasitosis.


Metronidazole has strong antibacterial effectto most anaerobic bacteria, used inthetreatment of amebiasis,trichomoniasis and anaerobic infections.

Indications: for the treatment of intestinal and parenteral amebiasis (such as amoebic liver abscess, pleural amebiasis, etc.).but also for the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis, coccidiosis pouch and cutaneous leishmaniasis, Guinea worm infection. is still widely used in the treatment of anaerobic infections.


Mainly for the treatment or prevention of anaerobic bacteria caused by the system or local infection, such as the abdominal cavity, digestive tract, female genital tract, lower respiratory tract, skin and soft tissue, bone and joint parts of anaerobic infections, sepsis, Membranitis, meningeal infection and the use of antibiotics caused by colitis is also effective. Treatment of tetanus and tetanus antitoxin (TAT) in combination. Can also be used for oral anaerobic infections.