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3000ml Intelligent Oxygen Generator Double Suction Machine Pure Oxygen Concentrator in The Source Plant

3000ml Intelligent Oxygen Generator

Application: Home, Medical Institution
Scale: 13kg
Voltage: 220V
Brand: Guang Qing Yang Jian
Art.No.: Gqyj-3
Operation Mode: Device Operation

Model NO. Oxygen Concentrator Timing Function 2-8 Hours
Power Supply Mode Alternating Current Rated Voltage 220(V)
Rated Power 480(W) Rated Frequency 50
Product Classification Intelligent Hydrogen Oxygen Machine Hydrogen and Oxygen Flow 2000 Hydrogen+1000 Oxygen
Hole Outlet Mode Two Holes Gas Purity 99.99
Product Specification 3000ml Specification 600ml, 900ml, 1600ml, 3000ml
Trademark CNSZGJ Origin China