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Vitamin B2 riboflavin,Vitamin B2 riboflavin,

Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is one of the B vitamins, slightly soluble in water, and stable when heated in neutral or acidic solutions. It is a component of the prosthetic group of yellow enzymes in the body (yellow enzymes play a role in hydrogen transfer in biological redox),
Vitamin B2 riboflavin can whiten and freckle. Vitamin B2 riboflavin Taking it in an appropriate amount can improve the body’s immunity, it is helpful to promote blood circulation and metabolism, and it can also promote the rapid excretion of toxins from the body, so as to achieve the effect of freckle removal. , Directly use the red and blue light of the laser to irradiate the deep layer of the skin, which can selectively pierce and dissolve the pigmented cells and excrete them from the body, and can also stimulate the production of collagen fibers in the skin to achieve a whitening effect.