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Bitter Gourd Extract Powder Bitter Gourd Extract 10% 20% Charantin

Bitter Gourd Extract Powder Bitter Gourd Extract 10% 20% Charantin

CAS No.: 57126-62-2
Formula: C70h118o12
Certification: ISO
Packaging Material: Drum, Can Be Customized According to The Customer′
Storage Method: Dry Area; Keep Away From Strong, Direct Light.
Color: Brown Powder

In traditional herbal Nutritional Supplements, bitter melon extract is thought to stimulate digestive function and improve appetite.This has yet to be tested in human studies.Being a relatively common food item, bitter melon extract was traditionally used for an array of conditions by people in tropical regions. Numerous infections, cancer,and diabetes are among the most common conditions it was purported to improve. Unripe fruit, seeds and aerial parts of Momordica charantia Linn. have been used in various parts of the world to treat diabetes. The leaves and fruit have both been used to make teas and beer or to season soups in the Western world. Nowadays Bitter Melon capsules and tinctures are widely available in the Western world where in herbal Nutritional Supplements they are being used for diabetes, HIV and other viruses, colds and flu and psoriasis.

1. Lowering blood sugar fast
2. Preventing and improving diabetes complication
3. Regulating blood fats and reinforce
4. Releasability 
5. Supporting healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
6. The fat murderer,which can ingest the fat and lower the polysaccharide
7. Treatning pyreticosis, polydipsia, summerheat stroke, high fever and pain, carbuncle, erysipelas malignant apthae, diabetes and Aids.

1. Bitter melon extract can be used as health products material
2. Bitter melon extract can be used as nutritional supplement
3. Fiber dietary as food supplement
4. Bitter melon extract can be used as Nutritional Supplements material for making capsule, tablets, or softgels and pills.