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Ethinylestradiol Supplement estrogen deficiency, treat female gonadal dysfunction, amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, etc.; used for the treatment of advanced breast cancer (postmenopausal women), advanced prostate cancer; combined with progesterone drugs, can inhibit ovulation, can be used as Contraceptives. Clinically, it is mainly used as an anti-ovulation drug; it is also used in children with cryptorchidism, excess androgen, and pituitary tumors. For the diagnosis of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal dysfunction, it can be carried out according to the changes in the levels of gonadotropins and sex hormones.
Ethinylestradiol Treatment of amenorrhea and infertility of hypogonadism caused by insufficient secretion of gonadotropins, and infertility of polyfollicular ovary. Amenorrhea associated with weight loss should first be corrected with diet. Also used for prostate cancer (often in combination with cyproterone or fluoformimide), delayed or early puberty, and endometriosis. Mainly used to inhibit ovarian ovulation, to achieve the purpose of contraception.