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pyridoxine (vitamin b6) hydrochloride is a B vitamin. The main functions of vitamin B6 are inhibiting vomiting, nourishing nerves, promoting metabolism, preventing blood clots, treating anemia, and preventing isoniazid poisoning. When the body lacks vitamin B6 due to insufficient intake or other factors, clinical symptoms such as angular stomatitis and seborrheic dermatitis appear, and appropriate supplementation can be made.

1. Inhibition of vomiting: pyridoxine (vitamin b6) hydrochloride has antiemetic effect. Under the guidance of doctors, it can be used for vomiting caused by early pregnancy reaction in early pregnancy and severe vomiting caused by anticancer drugs. It has a good antiemetic effect. need to take,

2. Nourishing nerves: Most of the B vitamins have the effect of nourishing nerves, which can enhance or restore the function of the nervous system by synthesizing neurotransmitters, such as promoting the development of cranial nerves, treating peripheral neuritis and insomnia, etc.;

3. Promote metabolism: pyridoxine (vitamin b6) hydrochloride is an indispensable substance for body metabolism. Like other vitamins, it participates in the metabolism of nutrients in the body;

4. Prevention of thrombosis: Vitamin B6 can inhibit platelet aggregation, avoid damage to vascular endothelial cells, prevent thrombosis, and also prevent and treat arteriosclerosis;

5. Treatment of anemia: Since vitamin B6 can promote the formation of hemoglobin in the body, vitamin B6 supplementation can correct anemia, such as hemolytic anemia, thalassemia, etc.;

6. Prevention and treatment of isoniazid poisoning: For patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, taking too much isoniazid for a long time will lead to symptoms of poisoning. Vitamin B6 can relieve the symptoms of isoniazid poisoning and be used to prevent and treat isoniazid poisoning.