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disposable syringes 10ml product description:
Specification model: disposable syringes 10ml, 0.6×25

disposable syringes 10ml product description:

1. Main structure: This product is composed of a barrel, a core rod, and a rubber piston, which is matched with a disposable sterile injection needle.

2. Material: The barrel, core rod and needle seat of this product are made of special polypropylene material, the piston is made of natural rubber, and the needle tube is made of stainless steel.

3. Scope of application: It is used for pumping liquid or injecting it immediately after injecting it.

4. Instructions for use: open the small package along the unsealed mouth, take out the syringe, tighten the injection needle, and remove the disposable

Use a sterile syringe sheath to extract the medicinal liquid and drain the air in the syringe before use.