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Orlistat can usually play a role in assisting weight loss, but the specific weight loss effect needs to be different from person to person. weight loss orlistat

weight loss orlistat1. Everyone’s gastrointestinal function is different, so their sensitivity to orlistat diet pills is different. If the individual is sensitive to drugs, it can generally achieve the effect of cleaning the intestines, reducing the accumulation of oily substances in the intestines, and can promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, accelerate the burning of fat in the body, and decompose and expel it from the body through human metabolism. Can achieve weight loss effect.

weight loss orlistat2. In the case where the personal stomach is not particularly sensitive to orlistat diet pills, the cleaning effect of the intestines will generally be weakened, and it will also lead to the decomposition of fat, and the effect of weight loss will be weak, and the specific weight loss speed needs to be Determined according to each person’s situation.