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hypodermic needles,The methods and positions of hypodermic needle injection are as follows: First, the easiest position to take is the gluteus maximus. When injecting the gluteus maximus, the cross method is selected for positioning, that is, from the apex of the gluteal fissure to the left and right. A horizontal line is drawn to divide the buttocks into four quadrants, and the outermost upper limit is taken for hypodermic injection of the buttocks. Second, the injection method of the gluteus minimus muscle and the middle pole of the gluteus, where the blood vessels and nerves are less distributed, the middle finger of the second finger is used to delineate the anterior superior iliac crest, so that the index finger and the middle finger form a small crest on the anterior superior iliac crest. Triangle, injection is made in the inner corner of the small triangle. Third, the positioning of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, when injecting insulin or vaccination, the injection is performed in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, starting from the acromion and downward along the two to three horizontal fingers. It is easier and more convenient to inject the vaccine here.hypodermic needles,