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disposable syringe 3 ml Product Features:

disposable syringe 3 ml Completely imported raw materials: the coat is transparent, easy to observe, the scale ink has strong adhesion and will not fall off

Universal coordination: 6:100 conical joints produced according to international standards can be used with any product with 6:100 conical joints

Unique anti-slip structure: prevents the mandrel from accidentally slipping out of the jacket

Various forms: middle head type, partial head type, in-line type, screw type, three-piece type, complete specifications, to meet the needs of different customers

A variety of small packaging forms: with all-plastic packaging, paper-plastic packaging and other forms, customers can choose by themselves, with needle specifications according to customer contracts
disposable syringe 3 ml can be used for intradermal, subcutaneous injection or blood drawing after being matched with a disposable injection needle.