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1. disposable medical gloves Regular manufacturer

Disposable medical gloves on the market are mixed, and the quality is uneven. Choose the glove certificate provided by the regular medical glove manufacturer with complete and clear identification, so as to realize the traceability of the process and avoid unnecessary risks.

2. disposable medical Glove material

The two most common materials for disposable medical gloves are nitrile and latex. Disposable medical latex gloves are made of natural rubber with good elasticity and soft texture, providing comfortable flexibility in the hand.

3. disposable medical gloves Types of gloves

In terms of places, medical gloves are usually divided into examination gloves and surgical gloves. Medical examination gloves are generally used to examine the patient’s mouth or skin surface, and must contain the CFDA experimental drug safety certification. Excellent tensile elongation rate, strong anti-wear ability, can adapt to various weak acid and weak alkali environment inside human skin.

4. disposable medical gloves Powder-free gloves are better than powdered gloves

Gloves on the market are also divided into powdered and powder-free. In order to ensure safety, the powder in the Medix powder medical latex gloves is made of food-grade corn starch that can be absorbed by the human body, which is easy to wear. In the medical field, it is safer to use powder-free medical latex gloves. Because powder-free gloves use advanced powder-free PU polymer coating technology, they are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Especially when medical staff are checking or performing operations, the powder in the medical gloves will not accidentally enter the patient’s body, affecting the diagnosis or treatment results.