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lidocaine hcl is an amide local anesthetic with the chemical formula C14H23ClN2O. lidocaine hcl After blood absorption or intravenous administration, it has obvious excitatory and inhibitory biphasic effects on the central nervous system, and there is no precursor excitation. When the blood concentration is low, analgesia and drowsiness occur, and the pain threshold increases; as the dose increases , The effect or toxicity is enhanced, and it has anticonvulsant effect at sub-toxic plasma concentration.
lidocaine hcl Method principle: After the test sample is dissolved in glacial acetic acid, after adding mercuric acetate test solution and crystal violet indicator solution, titrate with perchloric acid titration solution (0.1mol/L) until the solution turns green, and record the use of perchloric acid titration solution. Quantity, calculate, get.