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The active ingredient of L-arginine hydrochloride is L-arginine. When used in medicine, it can help wound healing, stimulate the development of the immune system, increase the secretion of hormones, promote urine circulation, reduce the content of ammonia in the blood, and treat blood Ammonia poisoning.
L-Arginine Hydrochloride USP26 Standard: Project Standard Appearance White Crystal or Crystal Powder Optical Rotation +21.4~+23.6° Loss on Drying≤0.20% Ignition Residue≤0.10% Chlorine (Cl) 16.5~17.1% Sulfur (SO4)≤0.03% Iron (Fe)≤ 20ppm Chromatographic purity Single impurity≤0.5%Total impurities≤2.0% Content 98.5~101.5%