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The chemical name of cysteine powder (cysteine; Cys) is 2-amino-3-mercaptopropionic acid, which is an aliphatic thiol-containing polar α-amino acid. Cysteine is a conditionally essential amino acid and a glycogenic amino acid for the human body. It can be converted from methionine (methionine, an essential amino acid in the human body) in the body, and can be interconverted with cystine.
cysteine powder Mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, biochemical research and so on. Used in bread to promote the formation of gluten, promote fermentation, mold release, prevent aging, etc. Used in natural juices to prevent oxidation of vitamin C and prevent juice from browning. This product has detoxification effect and can be used for acrylonitrile poisoning and aromatic acid poisoning. cysteine powder product also has the effect of preventing radiation damage to the human body, and is also a drug for the treatment of bronchitis, especially as a phlegm-relieving drug (mostly used in the form of acetyl L-cysteine methyl ester. Cosmetics are mainly used in beauty water, Hair perm, sunscreen cream, etc.