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The role and efficacy of sodium hyaluronate in cosmetics, sodium hyaluronate cosmetics 1. Moisturizing effect, the hyaluronic acid of the skin begins to lose after the age of 25, only 65% of the infancy is left at the age of 30, and only 25% is left at the age of 60. The moisture of the skin will also be lost along with the hyaluronic acid, lose its elasticity and luster, and the aging phenomenon of wrinkles will appear for a long time. The use of cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid can supplement and store the skin’s moisture, restore and maintain the youthful luster of the skin.
sodium hyaluronate cosmetics Repair damaged skin. After the skin is exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause erythema, dermatitis, peeling and other phenomena caused by skin burns. Sodium hyaluronate promotes the proliferation and division of epidermal cells and scavenges oxygen free radicals. Promotes skin regeneration in injured areas.
sodium hyaluronate cosmetics Skin care after acid brushing, the skin after acid brushing is dehydrated, sensitive, and flaky. The use of functional cosmetics will aggravate skin care sensitive reactions. Hyaluronic acid can quickly replenish the skin. Therefore, after acid brushing, you can only choose hyaluronic acid for skin care. .