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disposable plastic syringes instruments have been widely used in countries with developed science and technology. At present, disposable plastic syringes. disposable plastic syringes is very useful for preventing cross-infection in hospitals, especially caused by serum viruses. However, some problems have been found in clinical use and management. Now let’s talk about these problems. First of all, from the scope of use, the syringes used in our hospital are 2, 5, and 10 ml respectively. There are 3 types of models, all of which are 10ml models in outpatient blood collection rooms. Although this type of syringe is more laborious than glass syringes to draw blood, patients generally respond better and feel more secure. In addition, 2,5ml disposable Plastic syringes have been widely used in our hospital, outside, maternity, obstetrics, orthopedic wards and emergency rooms.