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pyridoxine powder White or slightly yellow crystalline powder, melting point 204-206 ℃ (decomposition). Pyridoxine is soluble in water, ethanol and acetone, and slightly soluble in ether. pyridoxine powder has a sour and bitter taste, is stable in the air, deteriorates when exposed to sunlight, and is easy to sublime. The role of pyridoxine and ferric chloride is reddish-brown. Pyridoxine is present in rice bran, vegetables, yeast, molasses, fat, etc. can be synthesized from methyl methoxyacetate, acetone and ethyl cyanoacetate. pyridoxine powder is used for the prevention and treatment of vomiting in pregnancy, radiation sickness vomiting, isoniazid poisoning and gastrointestinal reactions of antitumor drugs, and is sometimes used as adjuvant therapy for pellagra and other kinds of malnutrition.