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disposable syringe company in China,disposable syringe company in China,

Syringes can also be used for medical instruments, utensils, such as some chromatographic instruments and equipment to inject through the rubber rubber diaphragm. Injecting gas into a blood vessel can cause an air embolism. The way to remove gas from the syringe to prevent clogging is to turn the syringe upside down, tap it lightly, and squeeze out a little bit of fluid before injecting into the blood.disposable syringe company in China
In some places where the precision is high or the problem of germs does not need to be considered too much, such as quantitative chemical composition analysis, because the deviation of the glass syringe is small, the sliding rod movement is smooth, so it is still used, and it can also be used in the case of cooking meat products. Use a syringe to inject some of the juice into meat for flavor or texture, or inject it into a snack while roasting. Syringes can also fill ink cartridges with black ink.
Generally use 2mL, 5mL, 10mL or 20mL syringe, occasionally use 50mL or 100mL, and use 1mL syringe for intradermal injection.disposable syringe company in China