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potassium sorbate food grade,potassium sorbate food grade,

potassium sorbate food grade It is often used as a preservative. It destroys many enzyme systems by combining with the sulfhydryl group of the microbial enzyme system. Its toxicity is much lower than other preservatives. It is currently widely used. Potassium sorbate can give full play to its antiseptic effect in acidic medium, but has little antiseptic effect under neutral conditions. [1]
potassium sorbate food grade Application in pastry
When potassium sorbate food grade is used as a preservative for pastries, potassium sorbate should first be dissolved in water or milk, and then the potassium sorbate solution should be added directly to the flour or dough. When using potassium sorbate to preserve starchy food, it is best to acidify the material with a small amount of vinegar first, because potassium sorbate has the best antibacterial and preservative effect when the pH value is lower than 5~6.