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l-lysine sulphate feed grade 70,l-lysine sulphate feed grade 70

l-lysine sulphate feed grade 70 This product is an upgraded product produced with the improvement of bacterial fermentation yield. In addition to maintaining the original advantages of 65% lysine sulfate products, 70% lysine sulfate products also have the characteristics of more uniform particle size, more stable content and higher cost performance.
Storage and Transportation]
l-lysine sulphate feed grade 70 It should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated and pollution-free warehouse, and should not be stored together with toxic, harmful and odorous items. The stacking height should be suitable, and the distance between the stacking position and the ground and the wall should not be less than 10cm. During transportation, strictly prevent rain and sun exposure, and it is strictly forbidden to mix and transport with toxic, harmful and corrosive substances.