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l-arginine hcl manufacturer,l-arginine hcl manufacturer,

l-arginine hcl manufacturer Product description: White crystal or crystalline powder, with special sour taste, easily soluble in water and formic acid, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. Production standard: AJI92, USP26, EP5 Main performance index: Optical rotation +22.1~+22.9 Heavy metal≤10ppm Moisture content≤0.20% Burning residue≤0.10% Content 99.0~101.0% PH 4.7~6.2
l-arginine hcl manufacturer USP26 Standard: Project Standard Appearance White Crystal or Crystal Powder Optical Rotation +21.4~+23.6° Loss on Drying≤0.20% Ignition Residue≤0.10% Chlorine (Cl) 16.5~17.1% Sulfur (SO4)≤0.03% Iron (Fe)≤ 20ppm Chromatographic purity Single impurity≤0.5%Total impurities≤2.0% Content 98.5~101.5%