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ivermectin powder manufacturer,ivermectin powder manufacturer,

ivermectin powder Pig in vitro: scabies mites, mosquitoes, blood lice. In vivo: Ascaris suum, Strongylarium suis, Strongyloides lansii, Trichocarpus suum, Esophageal mouth nematode, Strongyloides nematodes, C. dentate nematodes and immature worms.ivermectin powder manufacturer

ivermectin powder Cattle and sheep In vitro: cowhide fly, sheep mad fly, stripe fly, scabies mites, itch mites, lice. In vivo: esophagus nematode, thin neck nematode, reticulate nematode, the deworming rate can reach more than 97%.ivermectin powder manufacturer

ivermectin powder Chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quails, nematodes, roundworms, capillary nematodes, knee mites.