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dl-methionine Feed additives
dl-methionine Biochemical Research.
dl-methionine It is suitable for the prevention and treatment of liver disease and poisoning such as arsenic or benzene, and can also be used to treat dysentery and malnutrition caused by insufficient protein after chronic infectious diseases.dl-methionine manufacturers
dl-methionine nutritional supplements. It has the same physiological effect as L-type methionine, but the price is low (L-type is made from DL-type), so DL-methionine is generally used. It is a restricted amino acid in plant foods such as oats, rye, rice, corn, wheat, peanut flour, soybeans, potatoes, spinach, etc. Added to the above foods to improve amino acid balance. Requirements vary with cystine intake. Adult men need 1.1g/d.dl-methionine manufacturers