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bulk melatonin powder, aid in falling asleep One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Long-term insomnia will lead to many diseases (including immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive disorders, etc.), and even the aging speed is 2 to 3 times that of normal people. The scientific community has also recently discovered that sleep is an important moment for the brain to clear neurotoxins. For example, the beta-amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease is flushed out by the cerebrospinal fluid during sleep. In other words, long-term insomnia will greatly increase the incidence of neurodegenerative dementia.

bulk melatonin powder, In a large analysis (integrating 15 clinical studies of unmedicated insomniacs), taking melatonin (1 to 2 hours before bedtime) significantly reduced the time it took for insomniacs to fall asleep, and improved sleep efficiency and increased sleep duration.

In addition, in view of the problem of hypertrophy of the front line that often occurs in elderly men, it is easy to cause frequent urination at night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep. Taking bulk melatonin powder, can reduce the number of nocturia and improve the annoying symptoms.

Other studies have also found that melatonin’s ability to help fall asleep and adjust the biological clock may be related to the lower core body temperature after taking it (lower core body temperature before bed can help induce drowsiness and enter deep sleep faster).