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disposable syringe without needle,disposable syringe without needle,Customization upon request

disposable syringe without needle
Luer lock Disposable Syringe

All the parts of Disposable Syringe are made by virgin grade medically raw material,disposable syringe without needle, with is sterile, pyrogen-free and atoxic
Tightened inspection and sterilizing make the disposable syringe safer.
Disposable design
Disposable Syringe Specification:
3-Pieces set: Needle, barrel, plunger
Sizes: 1ml Insulin, 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml
Needle: 16G–31G
Latex-free or Latex plunger
Breakable plunger-NO REUSE
Siliconized for easy and smooth plunger slide
Positive plunger stop
Permanent engraved fine scale marking on barrel
Grid plunger top for controlled injection

Quality: ISO13485,CE 0123
Material: PP, Stainless steel needle
Sterilization: EO
Shelf life: 5 years
Packing: Polybag(PE) or blister packed