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disposable syringe luer slip,disposable syringe luer slip,Customization upon request

disposable syringe luer slip
1.Syringes have many different types there are luer lock, luer slip, catheter tips, and insulin.
2.Luer lock syringes generally have tips that require needles that can be twisted and locked into place.
The design helps prevent the needle from accidentally slipping off of the syringe.
3.Non-Luer Lock syringes have tips that require needles that can be pressed onto the tip of the syringe without being twisted into place.
4.Needles are made of hollow stainless steel. Needles consist of three parts:
The hub, which fits onto the tip of the syringe
The shaft, which is the long length of the needle
The bevel, which is the slanted tip of the needle
The bevel creates a narrow slit/hole in a person’s skin through which fluid in the syringe is injected into a person. Long beveled tips are generally sharper and narrower, which reduces discomfort when it pierces the skin.