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disposable syringe manufacturing plant,disposable syringe manufacturing plant,

disposable syringe manufacturing plant, also have many product characteristics:

1. The tube wall is clear and translucent and easy to observe, and the logo is clear and easy to read.

2. The piston head has a high degree of fit with the tube wall, and it is in close contact with the needle and is not easy to leak.

3. The injection needle is made of high-quality stainless steel with a flat bevel, and the angle of the bezel is standard and easy to puncture, and the pain is small.

4. Individually packaged, sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterile and pyrogen-free.

Composition and Specifications Model Specifications: 10ml 1 stick/bag*150 sticks/box*8 boxes/piece; 20ml 1 stick/bag*100 sticks/box*8 boxes/piece; 50ml 1 stick/bag*50 sticks/box*8 Box/piece structure: it consists of a jacket, a core rod, a piston and a dispensing needle (optional, consisting of a sheath, a needle tube, and a needle seat).