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syringe needle makers,syringe needle makers,

Quality assurance: 1. Equipped with the world’s advanced syringe production line 2. Advanced quality management system to ensure the quality of each product 3. Manufactured in class 100000 clean room,syringe needle makers,Product characteristics 1. Injection tube size 1ml 2ml 3ml 5: ML 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 60ml 2. Sterilize with EO gas, non-toxic, pyrogen free, disposable. 3. Link Ruhr slide or Ruhr lock connector 4. Pipes and plungers made of medical materials and high transparent PP materials 5. Needle with or without needle 6. Hypodermic needles 29g, 28g, 27g, 26G, 25g, 24g, 23g, 22G, 21g, 20g, 18G, 16g 7. Gasket material: natural latex or synthetic rubber (excluding latex). 8. Print transparent case for easy observation; strong adhesive printing ink that will not fall off. 9. 510k, CE, ISO 13485 10. The unique anti separation structure can prevent the mandrel from accidentally separating from the casing. 11. PE or blister separately packed