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hypodermic needles hypodermic needles 18g

Hypodermic Needle

The hypodermic needles are assembled by hub, needle tube, protecting cap. All parts and materials for this product meet medical requirements after sterilization by ETO, non-pyrogen and non-toxic.
The surface of the needle tube is coated with silicon to ensure that the needle can spike quickly and smoothly when injected.
The hypodermic needles always used together with hypodermic syringes are intended to inject the drug for the patient or take out the blood for the patient.

Main material: 
PP, SUS304 stainless Steel Cannula, Silicone oil.
High-quality stainless steel
Large ID, high flow
Semi-transparent needle hub
Sharpness maximize patient comfort
Color-coded hub by size for clear recognition
Individual and bulk packaging, sterile&non-sterile
Custom special needle size per specification
Blister packaging available