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syringe manufacturing, Model: 3-part luer slip Quality Certifications: CE , ISO9001 , ISO13485 , Russian Registration Specifications: 1ml disposable syringe and needle 2ml ,2.5ml disposable syringe and needle, 3ml disposable syringe and needle, 5ml 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 60ml Product description: 1. This product has 3-part and 2-part type, 3-part syringe consist of barrel, plunger, rubber and needle,2-part syringe consist of barrel, plunger and needle. Needle is optional. 2. The product is E.O. sterilized and only for single use. 3. For Hypodermic, intremuscular and dispense medicines. Competitive Advantage: 1. Over years experience of manufacturing, quality is guaranteed. 2. 10 thousand and 100 thousand grade purified workshop. 3. High yield, 2 million pieces syringes per day, have automatic updated machines for all sizes.