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hypodermic needle vs needle lowest price Manufacturer Customization upon request

hypodermic needle vs needle 14G to 32G Disposable Hypodermic Needle for syringe

1) Made of high quality stainless steel

2) With large ID and high flow

3) Semi-transparent needle-hub for the convenient observation of blood reflux

4) Delicately-designed needle-point with features of sharpness, smooth puncture, less damage to the tissue, less painful feeling to the patient

5) Size distinguished by the needle-hub’s color for the clear recognition

6) The flexible supply form: in bulk or pack, sterilized or unsterilized

7) Production of all kinds of special needles required by our customers

8) Packing types: in bulk or in blister

Available size

Available length:1/6″,1/4″,1/3″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″,1″,1.25″,1.5″,2″.