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l glycine powder  Function:

It is mainly used as an additive and attractant to increase amino acids in feeds for poultry, livestock and poultry, especially pets. Used as a hydrolyzed protein additive, as a synergist of hydrolyzed protein;
In pesticide production, it is used to synthesize pyrethroid insecticide intermediate glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride, and it can also synthesize fungicide iprodione and herbicide solid glyphosate.

Electroplating bath additives;
Used in the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical tests and organic synthesis;
Used as the raw material of cephalosporins, thiamphenicol intermediates, synthetic imidazole acetic acid intermediates, etc.;
Used as a raw material for cosmetics.

Used in peptide synthesis, used as amino acid protection monomer;
Used for the preparation of tissue culture medium and the inspection of copper, gold and silver;
Because glycine is a zwitterion with amino and carboxyl groups, it has strong buffering properties and is often used as a buffer for preparation;
Complexometric titration indicator, solvent.