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l-cysteine-l-lysine affordable Amino acid Factory

1. L-Cysteine has an effective detoxification.

2. L-Cysteine can effectively prevent and treat radiation injury.

3. L-Cysteine can remove the skin melanin itself, change the nature of the skin itself, the skin becomes natural whitening. It is a kind of ideal natural whitening cosmetics.

4. L-Cysteine can improve the symptoms of inflammation and skin allergies.

5. L-Cysteine on horny skin disease is also effective hypertrophy.

6. L-Cysteine has a function to prevent biological aging.

7.Cysteine is a kind of natural amino acid, has many uses in food processing, it is mainly used for baking products, as a necessary component of dough improver

8.Cysteine is a kind of reductant, it can promote the formation of gluten, reduce the time needed for mixing and the energy required for medicinal, cysteine by changing the protein molecules and protein molecules between the internal disulfide bond, weaken the structure of the protein, this protein is stretched.

  • L-Lysine HCl 98% (Feed Grade)
  • L-Lysine Sulphate 65% (Feed Grade)
  • L-Lysine Sulphate 70% (Feed Grade)
      Both are fermented from conventionally grown corn starch in china without any foreign materials added during the whole process. The L-Lysine HCl is highly purified to 98% after fermentation. L-Lysine Sulphate, which is more cost-effective, is semi-purified and contains other fermentation by-products such as other essential amino acids and carbohydrate. We established Vender Assurance Programs in place to secure a consistent quality and reliability for all our deliveries. The FAMI-QS and ISO 9001 certificates are available. l-cysteine-l-lysine