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tianeptine sulfate powder dosage Introduction
Tianeptine is antidepressant. The animal has the hippocampus pyramidal cells increased spontaneousactivity, and accelerating its function was inhibited after recovery; increase in cortical and hippocampalneurons at sites of5- serotonin reuptake. Tianeptine without following adverse effects: sleep and alertness;cardiovascular system; cholinergic system ( without anticholinergic symptoms ); drug craving.

Tianeptine Sulfate not only a good antidepressant effect and adverse reactions was significantly less than conventional antidepressant tricyclic drugs, almost no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system, blood , liver and kidney functions were not hurt, nor do I have a calming effect. Tianeptine is not only effective for depression and depressive neurosis, chronic alcoholism and depression after alcohol is also effective. Long-term use can prevent relapse