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where to buy vitamin b5?Chinese

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid ) has the function of making antibodies, also plays an important role in maintaining hair, skin and blood health. Almost all foods contain pantothenic acid, the lack of problems generally do not worry.

what vitamin b5 good for:

1. Participate in the producing of energy in the body, and control fat metabolism.

2. It’s necessary nutrient substance for brain and nerve.

3. It can Help secretion of anti-stress hormones (steroids) in the body.

4. It can keep health of the skin and hair.

5. Help to form cells to maintain normal growth and development of the central nervous system;

6. Maintain the normal function of the adrenal gland

1. In industry: the panthenol partispate in the metabolism.

2. In food industry: it promotes human body protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism and nutrition supplement and improves immunity.

3. In cosmetics industry: Stimulate the growth of epithelial cells, promote wound healing and diminish inflammation function.

4. Care hair: Moisturizing function, prevent hair open fork and increase the density of hair and improve hair quality luster.

5. Care nails: To improve the hydration of nails and make nail pliable.

what does vitamin b5 do for your hair: 1. It promotes the protection of hair, has a very important effect on the skin and blood circulation; 2. It has a great effect on the nervous system, and promotes the development of normal nerve centers; 3. It helps hair Growth; Vitamin b5 can produce antibodies, which has great effects on various functions. 4. Vitamin b5 can also prevent hair loss. 5. It can also maintain the normal growth of hair.