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Factory 99.5% Triethylene Glycol CAS 112-27-6

99.5% Triethylene Glycol CAS 112-27-6

Port: Shanghai, China
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CAS No.: 112-27-6
Formula: C6h14o4
EINECS: Hoc2h4oc2h4oc2h4oh
Trademark: CNSZGJ
Origin: Shenzhen

Used as a solvent, extractant, and desiccant. It is also used in printing ink as a moisture absorbent and softener.
It can be used as a disinfectant in the cleaning agent of the air conditioning system.
It is a good substitute for diethylene glycol (diethylene glycol), which is more environmentally friendly and safer than diethylene glycol (diethylene glycol).
The lipophilic hydrophilic balance (HLB value) of triethylene glycol is lower than that of diethylene glycol, so it is relatively lipophilic